Compare Rewards Credit Card Sign Up Offers Before You Apply For Extra Bonus Points

Many rewards credit cards come with signup bonus offers that allow you to earn a lot of rewards points at one time when you meet a minimum spending level in the first few months. These signup bonus offers can come in handy in helping you to save money on your vacation expenses. The following are the top 4 rewards credit cards that offer signup bonus offers.

1. Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card offers a signup bonus of 40000 miles that is equivalent to a $400 voucher that can be used toward your traveling expenses. To get the 40,000 miles signup bonus, you must first spend a minimum of $3,000 in 3 months. The card has a $0 annual fee in the first year and you will be charged with a $59 fee after that. The card has a variable interest APR in between 13.99% – 23.99%.

2. Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express offers a $150 statement credit when you have spent at least $1,000 within a 3 months period. The cash back card allows you to earn 6% cash back when you spend money at US supermarkets. If you spend money at the gas station or department store, you will earn 3% cash back. Blue Cash Preferred also allows you to earn 1% cash back on all other purchases. There is no annual fee in the first year but you will be charged $95 for the annual fee in the second year.

3. Chase Sapphire Preferred

Chase Sapphire Preferred features a one-time signup bonus of 50,000 bonus points. The condition for redeeming the 50,000 signup bonus point is to spend $40000 within 3 months. The 50,000 signup bonus point can be used to redeem $625 of vouchers for traveling expenses. Chase Sapphire Preferred allows you to earn 2 points per dollar for two shopping categories including dining and travel. Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card is made of metal instead of plastic like most other credit cards. The annual fee is waived in the first year and a $95 fee will be charged in the second year. The card has a variable APR interest that is in between 16.99% – 23.99%.

4. Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom features a signup bonus offer that let you earn $150 when you spend a minimum of $500 within a 3 months period. It offers 5% cash back each quarter when you spend money on the rotating bonus categories up to $1,500. All other purchases will earn 1% cash back. The APR interest rate is in between 15.99% – 24.74%. Chase Freedom features a 0% intro that last for 15 months on both purchases and balance transfer. There is a 5% ($5 minimum) balance transfer fee.

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