Mixed Reactions To Balance Transfer Day December 11

The national media has covered the upcoming balance transfer freedom day, but without the zeal and earnest that was given to bank transfer day. The upcoming plan for card holders to transfer credit card debts to zero percent credit card offers makes prudent financial sense, but there is no reason why consumers need to wait until the 11th to begin saving with a balance transfer. The opportunity to save on zero percent interest offers is a key driving force for consumers who are shopping for a new credit card and looking to find a great deal!

The upcoming balance transfer day has not been agressively marketed by any major credit card companies. There are very few promotions tied into the concept of balance transfer day. The key marketers who are latching onto the event appear to be credit card aggregators and marketers as well as a few regional credit unions. The opportunity for credti card providers to leverage the upcoming event is probably seen as a challenge as to not alienate their existing card holders, while trying to attract the new customers who fit the credit profiles likely required to obtain the new promotional deals.

So with less than two days to roll before “credit card balance transfer day” our advice and recomendations would be simple and straightforward. Research, compare and calculate…find the best promotional card offer for your needs. Review the fine print and try to lock in a zero percent balance transfer offer for as long as possible. Best of luck, and if you forget to apply on Sunday, stop back on Monday the 12th I am sure we will be promoting some exceptional zero percent card offers then as well.

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