Reviewing The Best Options For Zero Percent Cards In 2014

Searching for the top zero percent credit card offers going into 2014?

According to the list posted at there are numerous card offers available to consumers who are searching for a zerp percent credit cards. Some of the offers are geared towards consumers who want to use a zero percent credit card for purchases, while others are designed to target consumers who need to try and use the offer on a balance transfer. One thing remains pretty consistent heading into 2014, to qualify for the better zero percent card offers a borrower will need to have very good to excellent credit scores.

The editorial staff chose the Slate Chase as the top offer for January of 2014. Key reasons behind this choice were the generous 15 months for both purchases and balance transfers. Borrowers who are searching for credit cards for a balance transfer specifically will love the fact that the fee on balance transfers is waived for the first 60 days, offering borrowers a great way to gain some financial momentum in 2014. The Slate by Chase also offers no annual fee and Chase’s award winning customer services.

Additional Top Zero Percent Cards To Consider in 2014

There are several other cards that are worth considering, including the DiscoverIT card which offers a zero percent interest rate for purchases and balance transfers, 1% cash back on all purchases and free enrollment into the MYFICO scoring program. The Citi Simplicity credit card is another great card to consider. This card offers an impressive 18 months of zero percent interest on balance transfer and purchases as well as free enrollment into the Citi Easy Deals program.

Chase Freedom, Bank of America Visa, Capital One Platinum Prestige all offer consumers great opportunities to save with zero percent offers. 2014 is shaping up to be a year filled with awesome offers and promotions for consumers.

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